Refresh and develop your art with ideas from women artists

In the original Artist Inspired course we looked at the work of various male artists from history to revitalise and enrich our art.

This is Artist Inspired II: 'The Women'. 

Dive into a diverse mix of female artists from past and present, explore their ideas and techniques, play and experiment to your heart's content...

...and use what you learn to develop the unique voice of your own art.


“I love how you fit in so much inspiring and useful teaching in a way that is simple & clean – and therefore visually digestible online. Your presence and humor comes through wonderfully in your work & video commentary, in a way keeps us focused on the art. And I really appreciate the insightful details like "if you loved this artist, you may like" and the lists of words to keep in mind when experimenting with each artist's approach. Brilliant!””

Elizabeth Teal

​​​​​​​This course is for you if:

  • You're in an art rut and could do with some fresh new energy and inspiration
  • You love exploring the work of other artists but find it hard not to just copy them
  • You love making art but work best right now with a jumping off point
  • You want to develop your own artistic voice
  • You love art history
  • You enjoyed Artist Inspired and would like to explore the work of some female artists now :)​​​​​​​

“I feel as though I have a lot more options available to me with regards to style and I have a much better idea of how to abstractify my art. I was so tired of copying other artists and trying so hard to get it perfect, and now I don’t have to anymore and I’m happy about that.”

Carol Gey van Pittius

When I had the idea for the original Artist Inspired, it was sparked by both the experience and observation that two things often happen to us as artists:

  1. We get stuck in ruts and feel uninspired at times
  2. While it's natural and even helpful to be inspired by other artists, it can be hard to do so without copying them or being overly influenced, and losing our own voice in the process

I knew these were frequent concerns, from my own practice, and from observing and talking to others. I wanted to find out how to allow other artists to inspire me - and to enjoy the fascinating wealth of art history - without copying them. So I created the course to showcase the work of some of the greatest artists in history and find ways to learn from them while developing our own artist voices. I didn't think about it much at the time, but all the artists I chose were men! 

This 'sequel course' redresses the balance, with a selection of women artists, both contemporary and historical, whose work is powerful and distinctive, and whose techniques and ideas we can certainly borrow and play with while navigating our own journeys as artists.

“I loved every single lesson!! My passion is growing and I know what colors and some paint strokes I am drawn to. I feel braver.”

Mary Ann Echols

What you'll learn


  • Key points about the life and background of each artist
  • Insights into their processes that you can borrow and experiment with
  • A variety of ways to begin a painting
  • How to adopt an experimental approach that encourages confident exploration
  • What the artists felt about their work and how that can inform your own
  • How to take aspects of another artist's work and go beyond copying to adapt and develop them into your own
  • Techniques used by the artists that you can translate into your own work, such as adding gold leaf, using different types of tools, and working from photos
  • What materials can be used to create different effects and types of art
  • How to think laterally about what inspires you and step outside your own boundaries
  • How to use key words to focus your painting
  • That even the most successful, experienced and talented artists had to deal with demons too
  • How to use apps to develop a painting
  • How to deal with paintings that just don't work

"Just wanted to say how well set out and easy to use the course is! Great idea with you painting with their influences too! I'm loving the Marlene Dumas, bit, she's been an idol of mine for a while! It's inspired me to get back to inks and simplify my sometimes overworked paintings! Thank you."

Deidre Bruhn

About Tara

I’m Tara, artist, writer, and creative encourager. :) I have been where you are, many times! I’ve lost touch with my connection to inspiration and I’ve found my way back, and continue to do so. I’ve also found myself tangled up in the fine line between inspiration and being heavily influenced by another artist, and not knowing quite what’s mine.

We all have a unique energetic signature that will come through in our art and make it cohesive and recognisable if we're prepared to keep at it. It can be very easy to lose track of that however, with all the inspiration around us, and our curious artist minds constantly at work!

This course is about harnessing that inspiration, and expanding on it, so you can become ever more familiar with what’s truly yours about your art, and develop it into something distinctive and consistent, while exploring the legacy of those who've gone before us.
With Artist Inspired II I’ve combined my love of art history and some of my favourite women artists with a range of approaches and ideas to jump start and develop your art!

Which artists will we be exploring?

Lesson One: 
Joan Mitchell

Lesson Two: 
Marlene Dumas

Lesson Three: 
Helen Frankenthaler

Lesson Four: 
Georgia O'Keeffe

Lesson Five:
Joan Eardley

Lesson Six: 
Alice Baber

Lesson Seven: 
Barbara Rae
Lesson Eight: 
Anne Ryan

Lesson Nine: 
Maggi Hambling

Lesson Ten: 
Dominique Fortin

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  • Suggestions for taking the ideas presented and making them your own
  • Further resources to really immerse in the artists and their work
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